Handmade products

Our handcrafted products are manufactured from excellent ingredients. Still more than just the mix of fresh eggs, high-quality flour, and pure water. They carry the effort of the creator’s hand. The hand which sows and reaps wheat, the hand which grinds the wheat into flour, the hand which kneads, stretches and shapes the flour and fresh eggs into a uniform dough. The faith of our grandfathers and grandmothers, the work of their hands - the joy of our sparkling eyes.




Delicious meals made with Váncs pasta

What should I make today? We often find ourselves asking this question.
Often we could use something new among the usual tastes we grew accustomed to. We would like to provide you with an ever increasing selection of recipes that you can use with out pasta. We hope that we can be of help, with your every day meals and with your special occasions as well.  


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